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5′ con Debbie Han

by tea alberti

1. How did you start your story with tea?

- I’m not quite sure if I understand your question properly. Do you mean how I first started drinking tea? I actually talked about it in the Wall Street Journal article if you’d remember… I was seeking for truth about life and knowledge of Self during my college years. I met a Korean Buddhist monk at a temple in Los Angeles who introduced me to Korean organic green tea.This was my first encounter with Asian tea and learned not only how to drink it but also what drinking tea could mean. Drinking tea can be a “spiritual” experience to bring the body and awareness together and it has been a critical part of my daily life since.

2. What’s your favorite tea blend?

- I haven’t found really good blended tea that appeal to me yet.  I’d like to learn more about different types of tea blends or infusions but I haven’t really explore much of them. I tend to like a single flavor to savor thoroughly. Once I find a good tea, I focus more on enjoying it as completely as I can, making the best of the experience.

My favorite tea is Korean organic green tea. I want to call it “a divine tea” as I find this tea to be  nothing less than sublime in its subtle and smooth taste and detoxifying effect.

Instead of buying expensive cosmetics, I mix green tea powder and water to make a facial treatment for deep cleansing. I also at time take bath infused with green tea without using a soap and I feel so cleansed and detoxified. I found this to be better than any bath products I’ve ever used. Most importantly, this tea keeps me straight when time gets tough. I prepare Korean organic green tea when I feel lost and confused inside and need to find a way to myself again.

3. What’s the best marriage you tried or imagined?

4. How do you usually takes your tea?

5. What is your ritual of tea?

- When I drink Asian tea, I do not take anything on the side. These organic and earthly tea types need to be taken by themselves to get the best experience. Drinking tea in the Asian tradition embraces certain inner or spiritual experiences. You maybe drinking tea as a way to center yourself and bring your awareness to hear and now.  I ususally have this kind of tea experience alone. I do not keep to any ceremonial rules but pay complete attention to every motion involved and quiet my mind as I drink it. After drinking a cup of tea in this manner, I always feel more centered, calm, and clear-minded.

When I drink a red tea like Ceylon or Darjeeling, I enjoy the European style, preparing them in fancy handpainted China with sweets on the side. When I have friends over, I serve tea this way and talk, laugh, and enjoy ourselves over tea and dessert and bask in the joy of the moment. The European style of drinking tea tends to me more social and satisfies the senses.  I cannot say which cultural style is better as I appreciate both and need both types of fulfillments. Somedays you want to be pampered and fulfill your sensual cravigns, some other days you want to let go of everything and be cleansed physically or mentally.

Tips for beginners I’d like to suggest people to drink tea not only for its taste  but to enjoy a moment with yourself. Try paying attention to the act of drinking tea, bringing your senses and awareness to this moment, to yourself. You’ll learn about yourself and the magic of being at the moment will reveal itself to you!

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Thank you Debbie!!!!

5 ' con Henrietta Lovell / Rare Tea Co.

by tea alberti

1. Cómo empezó tu historia con el té?

How did you start your story with tea?

- My tea story began with my great aunt in a big, old house in Scotland. I used to spend my holidays there as a child and I remember clearly sitting on her canary yellow sofa drinking beautiful Darjeeling tea out of china cups painted with green dragons. She always had the best teas sent direct from India where she had lived.

There followed many years of very ordinary tea. But my love was revived many years later with a cup of oolong on a boat in the Harbour of Hong Kong. I had forgotten how good tea could be and I resolved there and then to pursue only the best.

- Mi historia con el té comenzó con mi tía abuela en una casa grande y vieja, en Escocia. Solía pasar mis vacaciones allí cuando era niña y me recuerdo claramente sentada en el sofá amarillo canario bebiendo té Darjeeling en hermosas tazas de porcelana china pintadas  con dragones verdes. Mi tía  siempre tenía los mejores tés, enviados directamente de la India donde había vivido.

Mi historia siguió muchos años de té común y corriente. Pero mi amor  se reavivó muchos años más tarde con una taza de té oolong en un barco en el puerto de Hong Kong. Se me había olvidado lo bueno que podía ser el té y decidí allí y entonces continuar sólo con lo mejor.

2. Cuál es tu té o blend favorito? What’s your favorite tea blend?

- Mostly I prefer single estate teas to blends. But for a really good English Breakfast tea I blend a second flush muscatel Darjeeling with my famous and truly delicious Lost Malawi and a dash of Emperor’s Breakfast. I also create bespoke blends for chefs like Mark Hix and brands like Dunhill.

- Mayormente prefiero tés de origen a los blends. Pero para un té English Breakfast realmente bueno mezclo un Darjeeling moscatel segunda cosecha con mis  famosas y verdaderamente deliciosas Lost Malawi y una pizca de Emperor’s Breakfast. También  he creado blends a medida para chefs como Mark Hix y marcas como Dunhill.

3. cuál es el mejor maridaje que probaste o imaginaste?

What’s the best marriage you tried or imagined?

- Gin. Jasmine silver tip tea infused in a good gin like Hendricks is my idea of heaven.

- Gin. Té de Jazmin silver tip infusionado en un buen gin como Hendricks es mi idea de estar en el cielo.

4. cómo acompañás tu té? How do you usually takes your tea?

5. cuál es tu ritual de té? What is your ritual of tea?

- My first cup of tea of the day is a white silver tip. I open all the windows wide and hop back into bed with this delicate tea to softly start the day. I have some little birds (blue-tits) nesting outside my window and I watch them feed their chicks.
I drink tea throughout the day choosing a tea to suit my mood. I often drink 6 or 7 different teas and as many as 30 if I have to do a tasting. But I always make it loose leaf in a pot. Every tea I drink is important a deserves to be made with respect. Never ever a tea bag.

- Mi primera taza de té del día es una taza de té blanco silver tip (punta de plata). Abro todas las ventanas de par en par y salto de vuelta a la cama con este delicado té para iniciar el día suavemente. Tengo unos pajaritos (herrerillos) anidando fuera de mi ventana y los veo alimentando a sus pichones.
Tomo té durante todo el día y  la elección del té se adapta a mi estado de ánimo. A menudo bebe de 6 o 7 tés diferentes y hasta 30 si tengo que hacer una cata. Pero siempre lo preparo en hebras y en una tetera. Cada té que bebo es  importante merece ser hecho con respeto. Nunca jamás un saquito de té.

Sugerencias para principiantes Tips for beginners For beginners and life long tea drinker I recommend they only drink my tea, of course! I travel the world sourcing the very best direct from small artisan farmers. Tea is a lot like wine. The best comes from tea-gardens where the tea is produced with great love and pride not for volume. You can’t fail to love every one of the teas I bring back from my travels.

Para principiantes y  bebedores de té ya consumados, les recomiendo que sólo beban mi  té, por supuesto! Viajo por el mundo buscando los mejores, directamente  de  pequeños agricultores artesanales. El té  es como el vino. Lo mejor viene de jardines de té donde se produce  té con gran amor y orgullo, y no por su volumen. Te vas a enamorar de cada uno de los tés que traigo de mis viajes.

Henrietta Lovell bio
Fundadora y Directora de Rare Tea Co. Founder and Director of Rare Tea Co.
Sus tés no son producidos en masa, Henrietta viaja a pequeños jardines de té de montaña a través de China, India y África.
Tea can be sent anywhere in the world.
El té puede ser enviado a cualquier país del mundo, ya tienen muchos clientes de internet en Argentina y toda América del Sur y muchos en España!
Muchas Gracias Henrietta!!!!!
Pronto probaremos tus tés!!