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The Tea Leaf Reading Goddess and You

The Tea Leaf Reading Goddess

and You

by Lindel Barker-Revell
Saturday, December 03, 2011

© Copyright Lindel Barker-Revell 2011

My vision for you is:
You are cradling a perfectly round cup in your hands. It is like you are holding the whole cosmos for that moment. Tea leaves are swirling before your eyes and settle into clumps that become somehow known to you. No longer are they brown blobs, but pictures come forth as you breathe… a clear dolphin is leaping from the centre of the cup. A hand reaches out across the rim, its fingers seem to be pointing something out to you… You are beginning to “see”.
So, take out your tea cups, dust off the teapot your granny gave you – the Goddess of Tea Leaf Reading is making a comeback. Young women are rediscovering the joys of tea. They love to dress up and go out for afternoon tea. And the Goddess in us all wants to read those leaves. It is fun. It increases your intuition and makes the everyday event of drinking tea, magical.
Many years ago I learned tea leaf reading from a psychic woman called Nina. She was much older than I was at that time, and I often think of her when I am sharing this art with younger women. What I remember most about her, was her ability to look into a cup and to “see” so much from what looked like a mess of leaves to me. And somehow this gift of “seeing” was transferred to me. As I get older, it becomes stronger.
We can all learn to see the pictures the leaves make, but it is difficult to read psychically for ourselves. So, it is always best to practice reading the leaves with a friend or group, so that you can have many eyes looking at the same cup.

Your tea table
Everyone has their own style and you can create your tea table into a special place. Put out a lovely table cloth or a couple of pretty scarves to make a lovely base. Mix and match your cups and saucers. I like to put something old – maybe a cup and saucer my mother gave me, alongside a set I have found at a second hand market or odd bits I have matched up myself. A flower, petals or a small posy add to the ritual tea table, and a tea light candle always adds that gorgeous glow.

What you will need:
Some loose leaf tea: You can go for familiar supermarket brands, or buy something more expensive from a specialty tea shop. To start with, it is best to keep it simple, and make it easy. Later you can learn the nuances of real tea drinking and reading.
Water (cold) brought to the boil. Take the teapot to the hot water and warm it for a moment or two. Add one teaspoon of leaf tea for each person, and one for the pot. Let the tea settle to the bottom of the pot. Like us, the tea leaves need time to unfurl to reveal themselves.
A teapot: Any teapot will do. If the leaves don’t come out of the spout, take out a teaspoonful and put it in your cup. They will sink to the bottom of your cup.
A cup and saucer: You will need a rounded cup, not square set at the bottom, like a mug, but bowl or breast-shaped. This shape gives the tea leaves the opportunity to swirl easily around the cup and up the sides. Cups with white or light interiors are best, so that it is easy to see the pictures.

Preparing your cup:
Pour a cup of tea for you and your friend(s). Add milk or sugar if you wish. The idea is for you to enjoy the tea and relax over drinking its liquor. As you come near to finishing the cup leave enough liquid at the bottom to just cover the tea leaves. Swirl the cup slowly, holding it with two hands, the handle to your heart. Gently, tip the liquid out and turn the cup right over on the saucer.
How to turn the cup:
We need to turn the upturned cup slowly,  three times, anti clockwise.
I was recently told by a wonderful old lady that in her day, it was done this way…

The first turn is for LOVE, the second turn is for MONEY or ABUNDANCE and the third turn is for WHAT YOU WISH YOURSELF. To awaken the Goddess of the cup, and your own divinatory power, tap the upturned cup three times.

At this point the Goddess of divination enters into the cup!

Reading the cup:
Let your eyes go soft and turn the cup upwards. Hold it with the handle to your heart and look into the cup and see what pictures emerge.
Don’t try too hard, relax and breathe.
Look for animals, birds, and familiar objects. You may see shapes, dots, stars or moons. Freely speak about what you see. You don’t have to interpret the cup to start with. Talk about what it looks like: “I can see a house. It is not a flat or a unit, it is a house. It has an upstairs and a tree nearby.” You could then talk to your friend about what a house might mean for them. Are they looking for a house? Do they want to move? Do they need to feel more “at home” within themselves, or at work, or with another person. A tree always signifies growth, shade and a home for birds and animals – those instinctive parts of us. It can be a symbol of the family and its branches may show new additions etc. Go with what you first think, and take your time. The pictures only have to suggest something to you, they are not exact, so there is plenty of room for your own tea Goddess to unfurl and express herself.

Above all else, enjoy your time with the tea and with friends of the cup.

Magical times lie before you as you explore this nearly forgotten art.  My book “Time for Tea: The Gentle Art of Reading Tea Leaves”, Allen & Unwin 2007, goes into the divination in more detail.

Lindel Barker-Revell is an inspirational writer, astrologer and tea leaf reader. Time for Tea (Allen & Unwin 2007) is Lindel’s third book. (The Tarot and You, Lansdowne 1994, The Goddess: Myths and Stories Lansdowne 1997) Check out her website www.tea-wise.com.au. You can find Lindel and the Tea-Wise team at The Observatory Hotel, 89-113 Kent St, Sydney 2000 reading tea leaves as part of their Mystic High Tea. Bookings at the hotel: 02-9256 2222. Contact    lindel@tea-wise.com.au or call Lindel 0430 384 851.


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5' con Tea Lady, Sharyn Wortman / Today was Fun

by tea alberti

1. Cómo empezó tu historia con el té?

How did you start your story with tea?
- I was invited to stay with my best friend in LA for a week- I was searching
for something new to do with my life and we thought it would be fun to hang
out and brainstorm possible ideas. She was writing her first novel at the
time and asked me to bring her some tea from England. Instead of taking her
standard black tea bags you find in a supermarket I bought a range of
speciality loose teas and gave them to her instead. We shared many pots of
tea during our week together, she became a published author and I returned
to England and started up a tea company. - Me invitaron a quedarme con mi mejor amiga en Los Angeles por una semana, yo estaba buscando algo nuevo para hacer con mi vida y pensamos que sería divertido parar y hacer una tormenta de posibles ideas. En ese momento ella estaba escribiendo su primera novela y me pidió que le trajera un poco de té de Inglaterra. En vez de comprar su té negro
estándar en saquitos del supermercado compré una serie de tés especiales en hebras y se los dí en su lugar. Compartimos muchas teteras durante nuestra semana juntas, ella se convirtió en un autora publicado y yo regresé
a Inglaterra y puse en marcha una empresa de té.

2. Cuál es tu té o blend favorito? What’s your favorite tea blend?
- It depends on what time of the day it is. Love Love tea is great after a
meal (the sweet finish is wonderful on the palate and liquorice actually
helps digestion). Happiness in the afternoon around 3pm, it gives me a real
pick me up and I can drink Inspiration tea all day long. - Depende del momento del día. El té Love Love es genial después de una comida ( el sabor dulce final es maravilloso en el paladar y  el regaliz ayuda a la digestión). Happiness a la tarde a las 3pm, me da una verdadera sensación energizante y puedo tomar el té Inspiration durante todo el día.

3. cuál es el mejor maridaje que probaste o imaginaste?

What’s the best marriage you tried or imagined?

- (tea+S) a good chat. Tea is a wonderful thing to share with friends, old and new alike! -Té + una buena charla. El té es una cosa maravillosa para compartir con amigos, los viejos y los nuevos!

4. cómo acompañás tu té? How do you usually takes your tea?
- If I am not sharing my pot with anyone I love time just to sit in the sun
and stop for a brief while. -Si no estoy compartiendo una tetera con nadie me encanta sentarme al sol y hacer una breve pausa.

5. cuál es tu ritual de té? What is your ritual of tea?
- Always in a teapot and with lovely china. I prefer cups without handles so
that I can feel the warmth of the cup in my hands. It always helps if
there’s something homemade and sweet to accompany the brew too! - Siempre en una tetera y con lovely china. Prefiero las tazas sin asas así puedo sentir la calidez de la taza en mis manos. Siempre ayuda tener algo casero y dulce para acompañar nuestra bebida!


Sugerencias para principiantes Tips for beginners Experiment with loose tea- people are afraid to try as they don’t know what
to do. Start by buying a teapot, it doesn’t have to be an expensive one to start. Next comes a tea strainer. There are clever pots with inbuilt
infusers these days too. Then all you need is a kettle and some cups. Experimentar con té en hebras, la gente tiene miedo a probar y no sabe cómo hacerlo. Para empezar hay que comprar una tetera, no tiene que ser costosa al principio. Luego un infusor de té. Hoy hay teteras con infusores incorporados. Luego lo que necesitás es una pava para calentar el agua y algunas tazas.

Spend a little more money than normally do on tea. You’ll probably have to explore a little further afield than your local supermarket for loose teas but it’s worth it. Follow the directions on the pack and from there start experimenting. Some teas get sweeter and milder in taste if you re-brew the leaves. Some teas can be re-brewed up to 5 times. Some will taste better in the morning, some you¹ll be able to drink all day. I would recommend that you don’t add milk or sweetners in the beginning, you can add these later. Gasta un poco más de lo habitual de dinero en té. Probablemente tendrás que explorar un poco más lejos de tu supermercado para encontrar tés en hebras pero vale la pena. Seguí las instrucciones del envase y ahí empezarás a experimentarlo. Se pueden obtener sabores más dulces y más suaves si re-infusionas las hojas de té. Algunos tés pueden ser re-infusionados hasta 5 veces. Algunos tienen mejor sabor en la mañana, algunos se los, puede beber durante todo el día. Yo recomendaría que no se agregara leche o edulcorantes al principio, podés agregarlos posteriormente.

Most importantly make a ritual in your day for tea. It can be your reward for completing your daily chores or the start to every business meeting held in your office, whenever it is take the time to stop and enjoy your tea, you’ll be surprise what a difference it can make to your sense of wellbeing and productivity. Lo más importante es hacer un ritual en tu día para el té. Puede ser tu premio por completar tus tareas diarias o iniciar un negocio o en cada reunión celebrada en tu oficina, siempre que se tome el tiempo para detenerse y disfrutar de tu té, te sorprenderás viendo la diferencia que puede hacer el té para tu sentido de bienestar y productividad.

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Sharyn Wortman bio

Today was Fun was created by our CEO and Tea Lady, Sharyn Wortman.
Australian born Sharyn worked in advertising for 10 years as an art director and then later
on as a creative director.

She conceived both the company and the Tea & Philosophy range while visiting Los Angeles. She puts it down to the excessive amount of sunshine in LA which must’ve over stimulated her brain. She then went home and set up the company in Hampstead, London before the effects of the sunshine wore off.

Sharyn, spends her Fridays painting and exhibits her oil paintings in solo and group shows across the country.
In 2005 Today was Fun won best new Organic Product for its Sleepy Tea and received a highly
commended award for Gift of the Year. Then in 2006 the company won best new Organic
Product again for Green Green TeaTM.
Today was fun fue creado por Sharyn Wortman, CEO y Tea Lady.
Sharyn nació en Australia y trabajó en publicidad durante 10 años como directora de arte y, más tarde
como directora creativa.
Ella concibió la empresa y Tea & Philosophy durante una visita en Los Ángeles. Ella lo atribuye a la excesiva cantidad de sol en Los Ángeles, que debe de haber sobre estimulado a su cerebro. Luego vuelve a su casa y funda la empresa en Hampstead, Londres, antes que los efectos de la luz del sol desaparezcan.
Sharyn, pasa sus viernes pintando y exponiendo sus pinturas al óleo en exposiciones individuales y colectivas en todo el país.
En 2005 Today was fun ganó el premio a mejor nuevo producto orgánico para su té  Sleepy y recibió un premio como Regalo del Año. En 2006 la empresa ganó el premio a muevo mejor producto orgánico con su té Green Green TeaTM.
Thank you very much Sharyn!!!!!

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