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música + videos para acompañar la última taza de té del día

buenas noches, buen té!

Cuando las tazas bailan

Dancing Cups Ballet / Tea Fun Ballet por la Magic Minnan Arts Troupe, durante el “Spring In The VivoCity” evento en VivoCity, Singapur el 17 de Febrero de2011.

buenas noches, buen té!


en mi taza [-_-]3 menta e rosmarino

buona notte
buon té

buenas noches, buen té!

Keith Jarrett – Be My Love

en mi taza [__]3 batido de matcha

buenas noches, buen té

Erhu – A Spray of Flower

buenas noches, buen té

Alfred Hitchcock Presenta: Tea Time


buenas noches, buen té

Chavela Vargas

buenas noches, buen té!

rooibos – fabricio lopez

para disfrutar con un Rooibos Cocktail

150ml de Rooibos (infusionado y bastante intenso)
200ml de vodka
300ml jugo de moras
150 ml de jugo de pomelo
1 naranja en rodajitas

Mezclá los jugos de frutas con el Rooibos, agregá la medida de vodka, colocá dentro de los vasos con hielo, decorá con las rodajitas de naraja.

preparás 4 vasos


buenas noches, buen té

France Gall and Brialy – Tea for Two

buenas noches, buen té

Emilie Autumn – Medicate With Tea

I don’t do crack, I’ve never seen cocaine
And fortunately I rarely pop an Aspirin when in pain
‘Cause I wanna be – of alcohol or any drug at all – completely free
But I self-medicate with tea
I know just where to go to get my fix:
The beverage aisle
At Starbucks, I confess, I get my kicks
I’m not in denial
My oolong heals
Your dealer deals for quite a hefty fee
So I self-medicate with tea
It’s not that I’m not miserable as any old drunk
My life is no more bearable than any old junkie
I’d jump out a window
Suicide’s a sin though
I’ve found another way
There’s no amount I wouldn’t pay
To overdose on Earl Grey
Or English Breakfast
When I’m hopped up on caffeinated Chai
I’m feeling the buzz
And when you asked if I liked to get high
I already was
It’s black or green or in-between
Sometimes it looks like weed
But my self-medicating
Improves my mental stating
I don’t need to go to rehab
Or to set up a meth lab
I may be a cynic
But the Betty Ford clinic
Isn’t ever gonna break me from my habit of choice
It’s my opium, my Xanax and it’s good for my voice
I hope you comprehend my reasoning
Twinings, Liptons, even Celestial Seasonings
Keep your marijuana
I got my own remedy
I self-self-medicate with tea
It’s chamomile


buenas noches, buen té

TeaParty / Mantra

The Interzone Mantras, album, 2001