Maté Sencha Shot!

Este año en la World Tea Expo 2010 ITO EN (productor de bebidas con base de té verde) ganó 4 premios en la categoría Listo para Beber!

1 Puesto Té verde Sencha Shot
2 Puesto Oolong Oolong Shot
3 Puesto Té verde saborizado Maté Sencha Shot



Maté Sencha Shot está elaborado con hojas de yerba mate y hojas de té verde, en la descripción destacan el sabor ahumado de América del Sur y los antioxidantes del té verde!

Típicas bebidas de gusto americano. Ideales para tomarlas frías, llegarán por nuestros pagos del sur? Si alguien ya las probó que cuente!

One Response to Maté Sencha Shot!

  1. Maura -Having tried their standard bolettd Oolongs and Senchas, I can say that there is a little bit of a difference in the taste; the flavor is a little bit more condensed in these, and I think there’s a slightly different tea-to-water ratio. I do agree that I think it’s a bit of a repackage of the Japanese versions (because I’ve tried the Japanese versions of these from Asian supermarkets in the area), but I’m still a supporter of the cause behind this effort competing against those nasty canned energy drinks by bringing a healthier tea-based alternative to the American market.While I’m fortunate enough to live in LA, where I can get the imported Japanese teas pretty easily, I know there are a lot of people who don’t have that luxury, and I think this is a good way for Ito En to get their products out into the US market. I’m sure Kirin is attempting to do the same!Also, Ito En has a new golden oolong in their Teas’ Teas line that I’m going to be trying out soon. I’ll try to get my hands on a Kirin golden oolong for comparison. (Any excuse to go to Little Tokyo!)

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